Reference Writer's Instructions





The Dallas Alumnae Reference Team works hard processing over 400 references each year for Tri Delta collegiate chapters across the country. Thank you for your help in following the new instructions for digital packets this year. If you have questions, please e mail Kristie Staffieri at

1. Complete a Reference Form

To obtain a reference form, login to Deltas Only. Dues paying members receive password in membership confirmation email. Download this form to your computer and save the file. Next, open your saved file and complete the form, save again once finished.  You can also print the form and hand write the reference and then scan upon completing.

2. Get from the potential new member in digital format *scan documents to convert paper items to digital

  • Resume

  • High school transcript (unofficial mid-year)

  • Copy of SAT or ACT scores

  • 2-3 pictures

3. Complete Reference Packet

  • 1 Completed Reference Form (do NOT put “see attached on reference form, it must be complete.)

  • 2-3 Pictures

  • 1 Resume

  • 1 High School Transcript (if upperclassman please send college transcript as well.)

  • 1 Copy of SAT or ACT scores

  • Up to 2 Letters of Support from Tri Delta alumnae, optional for most schools. 

4. Send email of completed Reference Packet to Tri Delta Reference Chairman

  • Create email and attach all required documents (step 1-3).

  • In subject line, please list name of potential new member and university. Send to 

  • Send only one email per potential new member

  • You may also complete a reference through  You will be redirected to the national website.  Log in, click alumnae, and then write a reference. Please complete the form filling in all areas (do not put see resume). You will upload a picture and resume for your potential new member. Once you hit submit, you will get an email confirmation.    PLEASE email that confirmation along with items in step 3 (pictures, resume, transcript, test scores, letters) to This will ensure your potential new member is on our Dallas list for her university.

  • PLEASE NOTE: The University of Texas at Austin, Texas A&M University, SMU and TCU have requested the format outlined in steps 1-3 above (NOT the submission).

  • The University of Texas at Austin, Texas A&M University have requested no letters of support to be sent.



Kristie Staffieri

(214) 542-2906 cell