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  • When are Dallas Tri Delta Alumnae Dues due?
    Our fiscal year is June 1 – May 31, and we collect dues on-going throughout the year. However, if you wish to be included in the membership directory, the deadline for paying your dues is October 15. If you want to attend Dallas Delta events, an active membership is requested.
  • What do my dues go toward?
    A portion of all dues are paid to the Tri Delta Executive office; this represents the national portion of our dues. The remaining local portion of our dues covers membership-related costs including programs and special events for all members, legacy and reference support, support of our local philanthropy, and direct membership support (mailings and website maintenance).
  • What does it mean to be Life Loyal, and how do I know if I am Life Loyal?
    This means you made a one-time donation to the Tri Delta Life Loyal Foundation at Executive Office. It exempts you from paying the national portion of your dues, meaning you only pay the local portion of your dues. Life Loyal members have a unique membership number issued by Executive Office. This is completely separate from your local Dallas Tri Delta alumnae dues. Life Loyal membership has additional features and benefits that can be found at
  • How do I access the online Membership Directory?
    All dues paid members can access the membership directory online via the “Deltas Only” private side of our website. Once you pay your alumnae dues, you will receive a confirmation email. This email will contain log-in information so that you can access that information.
  • What do I do if I want a printed copy of the Membership Directory?
    This year, we are asking members who would like to receive a printed copy of the directory to pay an additional fee of $10. Email membership at to request your copy.
  • What if I can’t remember if I paid my Alumnae Dues?
    All members will receive a confirmation of their dues payment. It is recommended that you save this document for reference throughout the year. If you need assistance confirming your membership, please email
  • I am new to the area and want more information about the Dallas Alumnae Group.
    For more information about the activities and opportunities available to you as a dues-paid Dallas Alumnae member, please contact any of our VPs, including Communications, Membership and Programs who can assist and advise you.
  • I paid my dues online in the last membership year, do I have to re-enter my information again?
    Yes, because our new website does not have an imbedded database, you must re-enter your information each year. We have done this in an effort to protect the privacy of our members, so all previously recorded information, as well as former member user names and passwords have been deleted. Be sure to carefully examine your entries, because your information will be recorded into our database as it is supplied by you.
  • What if my contact information changes after I pay my dues? How do I update my name, address, phone, or email information?
    Please email with all changes and updates.
  • I read in the Trident that the State of Texas boasts the largest number of dues-paid Tri Delta alumnae in the country, with Houston having the largest number of dues-paid alumnae, and Dallas the second largest. Is this true?
    It is true, and with your support, we can beat Houston!

Frequently Asked Questions

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