WHAT IS A LEGACY: Tri Delta defines a legacy as a daughter, step-daughter, sister or step-sister of a Tri Delta member.TRICK OR TREAT:Event held at the SMU Tri Delta house on a Sunday prior to Halloween for young children and grandchildren of Tri Deltas to come in costume to trick or treat and enjoy Halloween activities.

EGGSTRAVAGANZA:Easter party, bunny pictures and egg hunt held on a Sunday prior to Easter at the SMU chapter house for families of Tri Deltas.

SPRING LEGACY TEA:April or early May tea for high school legacies (juniors and seniors) and their mothers to learn more about the recruitment process.

Legacies 5th grade through high school are invited to volunteer at Trick or Treat,  Eggstravaganza and Cookies & Castles events for service hours.

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